Lavori Degli Studenti

Role play videos from “Lost in a New Town” – Silviana Lorenzi’s German class

I’m lost, can you help me?
Pupils use their own maps to role play situations where a tourist asks a local the way to find her/his way. We tried to set a real urban contest with people walking, chatting, reading a newspaper and begging.

Links to posters from “Town Hall Environment Meeting” – Marika Cuppari’s English class

Here you can find the environmental action posters created by the students.



Hretcanu-De Stefano

Lo.Cicero-Di Lascio



Vieira-Di Guida-Portone

Link to completed blog from “Launching a Language Blog” – Paola Gamberoni’s Spanish class

Final task video from “The Perfect Year-End Activity for our Multicultural Class” – Dora Iori’s French class

Even if time flies and covid-19 changed everything … voilà nos considérations à propos des activités votées pour la fin d’année.

Video from “Round the World Tour”, adapted from the Scenario “Food Tour Through Italy” – Laura Sidoti’s English class

(English) translation: