Available Scenarios

"Scenario" refers to the whole action-oriented learning unit, and "task" refers to the culminating task at the end of the scenario. As a scenario will take a certain number of lessons to be completed, it may include sub-tasks/smaller tasks which will contribute to the successful accomplishment of the culminating task and therefore of the scenario.


The Time Machine 

Your class has found a time machine!  The whole class will vote on which three places to go, but there are some limitations:

You can only go up to 100 years in the past and you can only travel to a place where someone that is in the machine (i.e., someone within your class) has lived.


Language Learning Community Blog

You are a professional blogger working for a Toronto language learning community blog. You’ve been assigned the responsibility of writing a brief personal interest blog entry about ‘English language learning journey’ from a personal perspective that readers can relate to. This is a very important contribution to the community blog as over half of the population in Toronto speaks a language other than English in their household. Your readers are interested in learning more about various languages and language learning strategies through the stories of their fellow community members.

Nuit Blanche

The municipal government is looking to sponsor a major art installation for Toronto’s [or local city of choice] upcoming Nuit Blanche, a free, 12-hour, city-wide art exhibit featuring hundreds of artists from around the world. With the intent of inspiring understanding between cultural and linguistic communities, the city is asking for proposals for an interactive art installation that combines a celebration from one of the local cultures (e.g. Valentine’s Day in Canada) with elements from a similar or different celebration from one or two other cultures (e.g. New Year’s Eve in Thailand).


Food Tour Through Italy: Your culinary experience awaits! 

You and a colleague have just been hired as food guides by an Italian virtual tour company. You were both chosen because of your knowledge of Italian food and culture. A tour group from Milan is touring other regions of the country looking for a new and exciting culinary experience. Your job is to research their region of choice using history, geography, climate and economy to explain the food culture that exists there. You will then prepare a virtual tour to share with the visitors. The tourists will fill out a tour satisfaction after their tour, so be sure to make it engaging!