Nuit Blanche

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by lincdire
5 Lessons
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Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

The municipal government is looking to sponsor a major art installation for Toronto’s [or local city of choice] upcoming Nuit Blanche, a free, 12-hour, city-wide art exhibit featuring hundreds of artists from around the world. With the intent of inspiring understanding between cultural and linguistic communities, the city is asking for proposals for an interactive art installation that combines a celebration from one of the local cultures (e.g. Valentine’s Day in Canada) with elements from a similar or different celebration from one or two other cultures (e.g. New Year’s Eve in Thailand).

Your group has decided to submit a proposal for an interactive art installation.  You will work on researching celebrations in various languages/cultures, design an event which meets the submission guidelines, write a proposal, and receive feedback from other artists in the class.

Task Overview:

  1. Research celebrations in different cultures and languages
  2. Design an art installation / event
  3. Write a proposal for the event
  4. Present your proposal

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Step 1: Research celebrations

In groups, decide on one local celebration that you want to include in your project. Next, do research on celebrations and events from other cultures by visiting websites in various […]

Step 2: Design the event

Meet with your group members in class to share and discuss your research. Then decide on which events/celebrations you are going to use, what connections can be made between them,…

Step 3: Write a proposal

Each member of your group will next write a one-page proposal for your installation / event. The proposal should include one paragraph of description and another explaining how your design…

Step 4: Present your proposal

As a group, translate your proposal into a PowerPoint or Prezi that includes key points, visuals, other languages, and anything else you think is important. Give a group presentation to…

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