A Weekend Away

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by lincdire
6 Lessons
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Step 1: We’re going on a trip!

Have you ever been on vacation? What was the weather like? What clothing did you bring with you? In this step, you will learn some new clothing vocabulary to help […]

Step 2: Can you help me pack?

Your parents have prepared a small backpack that you can bring on your trip. In this step, you will need to make sure that all the items you want to […]

Step 3: Happy Birthday!

Now that your packing list is complete, it’s time to start thinking about a birthday present for your cousin. You want to choose something that has a special meaning in […]

Step 4: Let’s Choose a Present…

Now that you’ve learned some new birthday expressions, it’s time to decide on a present for your cousin. Look at the different objects in the room. Which one do you […]

Step 5: Showing Mom and Dad

It’s almost time for your weekend away. As a final step, you will show your packing list to mom or dad. Spend some time reviewing your list beforehand: Did you […]
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