Available Scenarios


How are you feeling?

You have been selected as your class representative! You have been asked to offer advice to your friends and community members about what to do when they have strong feelings in a new situation. Your task is to find out how other students or family members feel in different situations and prepare advice to give to your friends. Also, you will have to prepare a poster with advice that will help everybody feel better, which will be put up on the wall of the class.


The Winter Weather Report

Winter is here and we need to make sure that everyone in the community stays updated on the weather conditions. You will be the community weather reporter. You will tell others about the winter weather and respond to questions about what the weather is like yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This will help your friends stay safe and warm, and to plan their outdoor fun activities.


Our Museum, Our Stories

You are the new museum manager and it is your job to recreate our aboriginal history through stories. You will ask parents, friends and other relatives about stories that were told when they were children. You will then paint or take a picture to represent the story, with a few words to help. The classroom will become your museum exhibition hall full of unique, fun and interesting stories of our past. You will invite your friends and family to come visit.

Below are more available scenarios


Fall Feast

Every year, there is a Fall Feast to feed the spirits. This year, you have been asked to work as a guide during the feast. You will prepare an invitation for your parents and grandparents, and then guide your family through the feast, teaching them about each type of food, how it was cooked, and its importance to the feast.


Holiday Wish List

Your most anticipated holiday is here! Your family from overseas are coming to spend two weeks with you and your parents over the winter break. Your parents have been very busy with work and have asked for your help with the holiday shopping by purchasing gifts for all the members of your family. They would like each person to receive an article of clothing, and one other gift. You can spend $50 per person. Think about the likes and dislikes of each member of your family and what gifts might be most suitable.


A Weekend Away

You are planning to spend the weekend with your cousins, who live two hours away. Sunday is the birthday of one of your cousins. To get to your cousins’ place, you and one of your parents will take the train. He or she asks you to pack your backpack, reminding you that you don’t have to take everything, as your cousins will have many of the things you need such as towels, toothpaste, and soap. However, you have already assembled lots of things and your backpack isn’t very big. In addition, each of you wants to bring a birthday present for your cousin, and these presents have to be packed somewhere. Each of you will have to bring a backpack and make sure that it isn’t too full.

Wanna Be My Buddy?

Two new students from different countries have just immigrated to Canada and will soon be joining your class. Your teacher has asked you to be a volunteer to be their buddy; that is, you will help the new students get familiar with their new school by welcoming the students, showing them around, being their guide and offering to help. The new students will arrive in a couple of weeks and because they don’t know much English/French yet, it would be nice if you could also learn a few words in the new students’ languages so they can feel more welcome.

Pow Wow

You see a poster for an upcoming pow wow in your community, and you would really like to attend. You send a text to one of your good friends to see if they’d like to come with you. Your friend has never been to a powwow before, but they respond that they’d love to join you and that they are excited to experience it for the first time. Make detailed arrangements to meet with your friend at the powwow, letting them know the day, the time, and what they need to bring with them.On the night of the pow wow, send a text once you arrive to let your friend know the exact location where you’ll be waiting. Once your friend arrives, s/he has many questions about what is happening, so you will need to act as the guide. You will walk your friend through the pow wow, explaining the different activities/objects you see (e.g. singing, cooking, dancing) and pointing out your favourite things  (e.g. the beautiful rings). When you return home, your friend sends you an email to thank you for the wonderful evening, and to let you know their most memorable parts of their first pow wow.

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