How are you feeling?

Michael Koslowski
by lincdire
7 Lessons
1 Students

Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

You have been selected as your class representative! You have been asked to offer advice to your friends and community members about what to do when they have strong feelings in a new situation. Your task is to find out how other students or family members feel in different situations and prepare advice to give to your friends. Also, you will have to prepare a poster with advice that will help everybody feel better which will be put up on the wall of the class.


Step 1: Sharing Feelings

What makes you happy? How about angry? Everyone has feelings and sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re bad. That’s okay! […]

Step 5: Role Play

In this step, you are going work in three small groups. Your task is to ask how your group members […]

Step 6: Poster Display

You have designed and displayed posters on the classroom walls sharing what people say about their emotions in different situations. […]