It’s Great to Finally Meet You!

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by lincdire
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Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

You are hosting an exchange student from another country (e.g., Syria) in your home for 2 months (e.g., during the summer time) and you will meet him/her at the airport. This student is going to your country (Canada) to learn English, but he/she knows very little English. You need to help him/her out by using English and some words in her/his language (e.g., Arabic) so you can communicate. The exchange student is arriving in a few weeks, so you have some time to get in touch with him/her through technology before you two meet face-to-face.

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Step 1: Video Self-Introduction

Have you ever experienced visiting or moving to another country? If so, you may have had some difficulties during your stay in that country. Or maybe you hosted an international […]

Step 2: Reply to Video

Log into LITE and watch the video that your host has sent to you. Write a reply responding to the questions that you host has asked. Then create a reply…

Step 3: Arrival Information

Your exchange student will be here soon! Discuss and write the information to be asked from the exchange student via email (this will include date/time of arrival, flight number and…

Step 4: Reply to Email 1

Now login to LITE and read the email that your host has sent to you. Draft a response email giving the necessary information, edit each other’s emails and upload them…

Step 5: Email 2 – Arrangements to meet

Write another email giving more details about the pickup. Write where you will be, clothes that you will be wearing, whether you will carry a sign with your exchange partner’s…

Step 6: Reply to Email 2

Log in to LITE and read the email reply from your partner. Then, as the exchange partner, write a very short email thanking your host for the detailed information. Upload…

Step 7: Texting before arrival

Remember that your exchange partner does not speak much English, so you will need to learn key phrases in their language to welcome and greet them according to their cultural…

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