The Time Machine

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by lincdire
5 Lessons
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Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

Your class has found a time machine!  The whole class will vote on which three places to go, but there are some limitations:

You can only go up to 100 years in the past and you can only travel to a place where someone that is in the machine (i.e., someone within your class) has lived.  

Your group’s responsibility is to travel to three different times in one city/region/country of the world.  Research where you would go and what you would find at each destination. Then create a five-minute podcast that describes your experiences and compares and contrasts the location’s economy and other social aspects (e.g. political climate, immigration patterns) over time. Share your travel documentary with your classmates and then vote for where the class will go!

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Step 3: Creating a Time Travel Podcast

Now your group is ready to start creating your time travel podcast!  Start by preparing a script that outlines all of the important information about the three time periods in…

Step 4: Video Presentation and Discussion

You’re now ready to show your podcast to the class! After each video, think about some of the following discussion topics: How does the video compare to your classmates’ understandings…

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