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by lincdire
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Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

Imagine you are a student blogger writing for a local language blog here in Edmonton. You are the language expert and the community wants to hear about your experiences learning German. You will interview a friend about their experiences and share what they’ve learned to help others develop new language skills. You’ll then start an online discussion as you read others’ stories and respond to them.

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Step 1: Welcome to my blog!

Before you can begin writing your language blog it is important to understand how to navigate the website safely. Make sure you know the lingo! Some words that are common […]

Step 3: Carrying Out an Interview

The first step of this project is to interview a classmate. Imagine that learning German is like a journey, and it’s your job to tell their story! Prepare a list…

Step 4: Writing and editing a blog entry

The next step is to report on your partner’s “journey” as a post. Take the information from your partner’s answers and turn it into a story for everyone to read.…

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