Plurilingual Songs for Language Learners

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by lincdire
9 Lessons
1 Students

Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

You and a group are competing in the first international audiovisual competition, Huelva Music Video Contest 2018! The theme for this year is ‘ways of feeling in different languages’ and is meant for language learners to recommend songs that have helped them learn new languages. You and your group must present an oral proposal explaining your process and reasons for selecting your songs. A jury will select the videos based on language  content, innovation, impact, feasibility, and creativity.

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Step 1: The importance of feelings

In groups of 3 - 5 assess the pictures shared by your teacher. Describe the emotions being portrayed. How are these feelings being illustrated? Now think about the music you […]

Step 2: Feelings in my favourite songs

Work in your groups to share the lyrics from the song(s) you brought in. Pay special attention to the language that expresses feelings. As you read and listen to your…

Step 5: How to write a post in a blog

Work through the example of a blog post shared by your teacher.  Analyze and identify the elements, style and features. Pay special attention to the writing style. Work on a…

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