Traditional Storytelling for the 21st Century

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by lincdire
8 Lessons
1 Students


Step 1: The importance of stories

During your childhood and thereafter, you’ve probably read or listened to fairy tales. Which stories did you enjoy the most, and why? Why do you think those stories are important? […]

Step 2: My favourite fairytale

In this step, you will share your favourite childhood fairytale with your classmates. As you read a part of your story aloud, you can use gestures, your voice, and the […]

Step 3: Retelling a story

Now that you have analyzed the narrative and linguistic features of a fairytale, in this step you will learn some vocabulary and grammar to eventually help you write your own […]

Step 4: Rethinking important messages

Using the Placemat handout your teacher provides, take some time to reflect on the common morals and character traits found in fairytales. Which of these lessons are useful? How might […]

Step 5: Writing our stories

Now that you have come with new ideas (new moral messages, vocabulary and language features in storytelling), you are ready to write the first draft of your fairytale. To help […]

Step 6: Can you help me with my story?

In this step, you will use the Peer Editing sheet to give and receive feedback on your fairytales. Working with a partner, provide each other with some comments and suggestions. […]
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