Town Hall Environment Meeting

Michael Koslowski
by lincdire
6 Lessons
1 Students

Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

The preservation of the environment is a critical issue in our lives today. The town in Quebec where your francophone friend Thomas lives wants to be known as a “green municipality”.  A Town Hall meeting is being organized in Thomas’ school, and the headmaster has asked the students to decorate the hall with posters illustrating actions that municipalities and their citizens across the world have done to preserve the environment. Unfortunately, Thomas cannot attend the meeting, so he has emailed you to attend on his behalf.  

In order to participate in the Town Hall meeting on Thomas’ behalf, you will need to:

  • research what has been done around the world to save the environment
  • create a multilingual digital poster that lists green actions that private citizens have taken or could take.  
  • display your poster in the hallway on the day of the meeting
  • take notes on other posters and decide which 3 ideas you prefer.
  • e-mail Thomas confirming you attended the meeting, with a  list of 3 actions he can take to help save the environment