Let’s go for dinner

Michael Koslowski
by lincdire
5 Lessons
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Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

Your best friend, who doesn’t speak English, is visiting your city and you decide to invite them for dinner on Friday night. You need to spend some time searching for a restaurant together online. You both want to order a drink, a starter, a main course and a dessert, but your budget is only $40.00 each, and that will have to include taxes and a tip.

When you get to the restaurant, you have a hard time finding something for your friend, who is a fussy eater and very indecisive. Ask the server for some recommendations. The server arrives is very helpful and extremely patient. Unfortunately, your friend declines most of the suggestions for a number of different reasons. After much discussion, you are finally able to place your order.

Once you have finished your meal, you ask the server for the bill. Be sure to compliment him/her on the delicious food and the wonderful service. Make sure that the total cost for you and your friend is less than $80.00. And don’t forget to include a good tip for the very helpful and patient server!

With your bill, your waiter brings a “Comment Card”. Write a short description of your experience, explaining the service.


Step 4: The Dinner

Now it’s time for dinner. On your way to the restaurant, let your friend know about some of the cultural […]