Our Family Museum – Interactive Art Show

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by lincdire
7 Lessons
1 Students


Step 1: Warm Up Activity

Engage in a classroom discussion about what makes a good story. Can you share some of your favourite characters from books, movies or television shows, or describe a brief plot […]

Step 2: Questions Preparation

In preparation for the class museum, you will need to interview a family member. The questions and stories should focus on meaning and seek to provide you with further understanding […]

Step 3: Field Work At Home

Prepare a series of interview questions using the ones discussed in class as a foundation. Take time to interview and discuss your family stories with an elder relative. Record notes/answers […]

Step 4: Sharing Stories

You must now take the information you’ve learned from your interview and tell it in story form to your class. Be prepared to use some key Italian phrases and vocabulary. […]

Step 5: Recreating Stories

Now you must present your family story in a unique and interactive way for the virtual museum. You can prepare a physical piece of art or prepare a digital representation […]
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