Our Community Cookbook

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by lincdire
6 Lessons
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Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

Some parents in your community have complained that their children are too picky with their food. They’re looking for interesting and tasty recipes to try out and have asked your class for help compiling a new community cookbook. You and your classmates have decided to contribute recipes from different cultures and countries around the world. For this task, each student will create one entry in the cookbook based on their family’s favourite recipe. When the cookbook is completed, you will put it all together and bring a copy home to your family.

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Step 1: Introducing the task

What kind of food do you like? What is your favourite food? Bring in a cookbook from home and share some of the dishes you like and why. Think about […]

Step 2: Language in recipes

Now it is time to look more carefully at the language that is used in each of the cookbooks. What verbs are used for each step in the recipes? Think…

Step 3: A cultural dish

For this step, you will need help from your family. When you are at home ask for a recipe that has special meaning to your family, and to your culture.…

Step 4: Editing your recipe

With a partner, use the vocabulary matching sheet from Step 2. Complete a translation of each of your recipes. Have your friends help you edit.

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