Winter Olympics

Michael Koslowski
by lincdire
6 Lessons
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Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

You have just been accepted as a volunteer for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea! You will be working in the Olympic Village as a guide for all the visiting athletes. It will be your job to help people from all over the world find their hotels, good restaurants and get to the right sport venues. What questions might the athletes ask you? You must prepare how you will be able to help the athletes.  Part of your job is to know some important greetings and winter sports in several different languages so you can help as many people as possible. Finally, the committee wants you to create a welcome package for the athletes so they can best enjoy their time in Korea.


Step 3: Research

In this step, spend some time exploring what Olympic Villages look like and where the sport venues are. Your exploration […]