March Break Camp in Quebec

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by lincdire
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Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

Your cousin has just invited you to attend a March break camp in Quebec.  You’ll be staying at your cousin’s house while you both attend the camp. Your parents have told you that the camp must cost less than $350 for the week and should be relatively close to his house in Montreal. It’s already the last week of February, so you and your cousin will have to hurry to make all the necessary preparations. Together, you find three camps which you like based on your shared interests and you will need to compare the camps in order to make your final decision. Once you and your cousin decide on the camp you’d like, phone the camp office to reserve your spot. Download and complete the camp registration form from the camp’s website.  Email your parents with the registration form, a short description of the camp and why you chose this camp.

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Step 2: Our Plurilingual Activities

Now it’s time to find the camp that best suits you and your cousin. Using the website your teacher gave you, look for camping ideas that interest you. Do you…

Step 3: Let’s choose a camp

It is time to find the best camp for you and your cousin. Before you choose it is important to find one that fits your needs. Remember, you are only…

Step 4: Reserving a spot

It’s almost March break so you have to make a reservation as soon as possible! Role play a phone call to the camp with your partner. The camp counselor will…

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