Our Family History

Michael Koslowski
by lincdire
7 Lessons
1 Students

Before beginning this scenario, do a Global Level Check and then a Level Check!

Your school has organized a community celebration on Canadian history over the past 60 years. Each class will work on a different aspect (economic development, social trends, lifestyle, etc.) and submit a maximum of three student productions to a final jury. Your class has been assigned the social and historical development of Canada, a major part of which is families and immigration. The goal of the celebration is to inform others of the diversity of Canadian experience. 

For this task, you will create your family tree and describe your family’s life.

  1. With the help of your family, you will create a portrait of your family today (language[s] spoken, traditions, your immigration story). This can be in any form you prefer, mixing visuals and words and using a variety of media tools. 
  2. You will have five minutes to present this work to the class, explaining your family tree and how it represents Canada and Canadians. 
  3. The class will choose three posters to give the school principal to be posted in the gym. 
  4. As a class, you will prepare a final letter to the principal explaining why you have chosen these three posters.