Once upon a time, on a distant planet,
there was a tiger named Alby with
superpowers. Alby was very young and
had little experience as a hero, but he was
determined to improve himself to help the
whole world. He was 2 meters tall, had a
thick tail and powerful legs, with sharp
claws. He also had super strength and was
able to fly.
One day he met a boy who showed a lot of interest in him, so taken by enthusiasm he decided to
meet him. He introduced himself as Alby, the superhero tiger, and the kid as Erik. Between the
two, everything was going very well and a beautiful friendship based on trust and truth was
established, at least until the arrival of a fateful day. It was evening, the two were together under
the stars as always, when Erik asked: Alby, how did you get your powers?. The tiger was initially
puzzled by the question, thinking it was too strange, but did not think much about it and replied: I
received my powers in a dangerous place hidden from anyone on this planet, only I know where it
is, and if anyone find out everyone would be in danger, including you and me”. Erik intrigued
continued to ask him questions and asked: But where is this place where you got the powers?”.
Taken from the moment Alby did not think twice and replied: It is not very far from here, hidden
in a dark cave in a mountain, but please, do not go there because it is full of dangers. The little
boy now knew his secret about him and could do with it whatever he wanted. Alby then added:
Besides, my powers are unique, as long as they are in my hands no one else will be able to
receive them!. After the usual evening, the two said goodbye and went to sleep, waiting to live
other adventures together. That night, however, Erik secretly set out in search of the secret place
to obtain the powers.
Following Alby’s directions, the boy reached the mountains and glimpsed a cave, where he
entered. Inside he found a door, with a sign above it that said you will never find yourself
beyond. Whatever he might be waiting for didn’t scare him and he went inside. He first saw two
statues representing two tigers and between them an altar with a golden chalice. He approached
it very slowly, took it in his hand and noticed that inside there was a liquid of a red color.

Nothing could stop him now, he had come
this far for this and was convinced that he
would become a superhero. Proud, therefore,
of his enterprise he drank the contents of the
chalice and immediately afterwards began to
feel strange. He began to feel a feeling of
anger that grew with every second and turned
half man and half tiger. Like Alby, he was also
super strong and able to fly, but still
something was wrong. He had never felt so
much evil and hatred within himself, he was
becoming an evil person with the intent of
doing harm.

The next morning Alby went to Erik’s house, as he
usually does, but he can’t find him and starts to worry.
This situation goes on for days until he decides to go
look for him in the village next to theirs. Arriving at it he
finds only flames and chaos, everything has been
destroyed and everyone has been killed. He reflects on
who may have caused this disaster when he hears
someone crying under the rubble of a broken house. He
immediately runs to help and finds a frightened little boy
in tears. He takes it with him and begins to calm him by
making himself known. Then, he asks him, “What
happened here? Who did this disaster?”. The boy
replies: I don’t know, I don’t know him, I only saw a man
half tiger flying, destroy the village. At that moment
Alby realized the mess he had created. Without realizing
it he had revealed the secret to Erik, who had taken
advantage of it to become like him, failing. Alby said, “I
know him, his name is Erik, and if this all happened it’s
just my fault. Would you like to help me little friend?.
Little boy: Of course, gladly!.
Alby: “Perfect let’s get to work! Oh yes I forgot,
how can I call you?”. Kid: You can call me Tommy”.

Together they leave for another village where they meet Erik who is destroying it. Alby yells at
him, “Erik, I’m here! What are you doing!. Erik replies: “I’m doing what makes me feel free! Now
I’m like you, with these powers no one can beat me, I can do what I want”. Alby: “You’re saying a
lot of nonsense, I don’t recognize you anymore. I told you not to go looking for the powers!. Erik:
“Yes instead, this is me, now I’m unbeatable and not even you can beat me!”. Alby: “That was
what I was saying, as my powers are unique, no one else can receive them, and so you have been
hit negatively! What you have is exactly the opposite of what I have, you have to stop or I’ll do it!”
Erik: “I will never stop, besides, I also see that as soon as I disappeared you immediately replaced
me with that one! You really let me down old friend, now step aside or I’ll kill you. Alby: You
wanted it, I never wanted to get to this point, but I have to do it for the good of the world, I’ll
defeat you! Tommy be careful!”
The fight begins between the two, powerful blows from both sides, without sparing himself, while
Tommy hiding behind a wall. At one point Erik cornered Alby, who is in serious trouble. Erik is
about to kill Alby, but Tommy comes into play and starts distracting Erik by yelling at him like, “You
don’t scare anyone! I’m sure you will lose!”. He also starts throwing stones at him to bring him
closer, thus creating a diversion to give Alby some time and get him back. Erik falls into the trap
and chases after him distracting himself. Meanwhile Alby manages to get up and runs to help
Tommy. With an unexpected attack Alby kills Erik winning the battle and the two celebrate
Alby, proud of the courage that Tommy had in battle, decides to entrust him with his powers as a
reward, because it is not for everyone to get in the middle without powers risking his life.
Someone like him deserves to get this chance. The two returning to the altar in the secret place,
where Alby drinks from the chalice giving back the powers to the red liquid, which is then drunk by
Tommy who transforms into a tiger with superpowers, while Alby returns human, triggering in
Tommy a cry of pure emotion.
After this fantastic and exciting adventure they will live happily ever after together.

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