A: Hello

B: Hello, welcome, have a seat please. How can I help you?

A: Thank you, I am Giusy, a curling player, I am lost, where can I find my team? And where is my room?

B: Ok! See here on map you should take shuttle bus from here and then you have to get off at 4th stop. Your droom numer is 17 and you will find your team there.

A: where can I get to bus stop?

B: It’s just near the repection when you go out of the reception turn right and it’s there.

A: How long does it take? And Timetable?

B: It will take almost 10-15 minutes and there is a shuttle bus in every 20 minutes.

A: Ok! Can I have a copy of this map?

B: Yes shure. Here you are.

A: Can you tell me where can i get food? And I need wifi

B: Well in the center of the village there is a big square, there you will find a sign of cutlery and there is dinning hall and you can find free wifi there but there is also free wifi in rooms.

A: Thank you so much for information.

B: My pleasure, have a nice day.

A: Bye, Good day.

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