THEY CALLED HER HEART OF GOLD. by Alyssa Rebecca Rotondaro.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl, blond hair, blue eyes and full of joy and lightheartedness. She was playing with the ball when, suddenly,  an ugly old man came up to her and asked her :” Hello beautiful girl, what are you doing? “, and the girl replied :” I’m playing with the ball “, and the old man said to her :” Interesting, but do you know if your parents are at home? “, and the little girl replied saying :” They’re not at home, I’m all alone playing with my ball.” The old gentleman made a complacency sound, touched his chin and entered the house stealing everything. The little girl ran after him, trying to stop him and soon started screaming so loud that the man pushed her to the ground and fled into the woods. The girl cried until she saw something … a light coming from the woods. In her head rang  the voice of her parents who had always told her not to go into the woods, but regardless of the rules, she walked into the woods and suddenly disappeared among the trees. She was walking along the woods, thinking of the light she had just seen, when she saw a fox that said to her crying :” Hey, little girl, can you help me? A branch fell on my leg and I can’t move … “, the little girl didn’t think twice and helped the animal to get up. The fox, who was very clever, thanked her and promised her a reward for the help she had given. The little girl jumped up and down, accepted and followed the fox, but what she didn’t know was that the fox didn’t want to give her the booty but wanted to take her to the children to make her their feast. The little girl ran after the fox, and there the animal, with a grin on her  face, threw open the door, and in no time at all, the little girl found herself lying on the ground with the little foxes on her,   biting and scratching her all over. The little girl screamed in pain and  but managed to flee from the villain’s house. She had run so long that  she no longer knew where she was and could no longer remember the way home. She cried so much and so long  that it turned night. The little girl, frightened by the darkness, ran until she saw a little house and she realized it was her house. She went into the house and her parents, in a moment, embraced and kissed her, until they took her to bed. The mother approached her little girl and asked her “My love,  where have you been all day? Your father and I were worried …”, the little girl replied saying “Mommy, I was playing  with the ball when a gentleman approached me… “, the mother did not let her finish talking and gave her a kiss on the forehead and hugged her saying” You didn’t do anything love, people are bad, they take advantage of sweet girls like you. You have a little gold heart, but you must remember that you must never trust strangers, have I been clear? “, the little girl nodded and in no time  she fell sound asleep. The next day she was again out playing with her ball when a gentleman approached her and asked the same question . The little girl realized it was that man so she screamed at him so loudly that the man got scared and ran away and never came back. After all, the little girl has learned her lesson, hasn’t she?

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