Carrying out an interview

Students prepare a list of questions in order to carry out the interview with other students from other classes, some of whom also attend the Linguistic Programme. Some interviewees also attend the Scientific or applied Science Programme.

How long have you been studying English?
Do you enjoy studying it? Why/Why not?
What do you do to improve your pronunciation?
If you want to say something and you can’t, what do you do? Do you explain it in Italian or in
another language?
In your school experience, what is the best method to lean English?
Which skill is the most challenging to develop?
Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking? Why?
Do you think that mastering grammar is useful to speak a language?
Have you ever had problems to understand and speak English with a native speaker?
And with a non-native speaker?
Do you think that it is important to make experiences abroad to improve your level?
How many languages do you study? In which language are you more fluent?
To speak a language well, how important it is to know something about the culture of the country?
If you watch a movie in English, do you need subtitles?
Have you ever used any apps to keep practicing your English? Which ones did you use?
Do you understand the lyrics when you listen to a song in a foreign language, or do you look for it?
Apart from school lessons and assignments, what do you do to improve your English?
What would you suggest to new language learners?
Is it difficult to study more than one language. Why?
Can you tell me at least an episode in which you spoke English with foreign people? How did you
feel? What did you talk about? Do you think that it is important to make experiences abroad to
improve your level?


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