Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a symbolic representation of a holistic view of personal development from indigenous traditions. The Medicine Wheel has four colours representing Spirit (yellow), Heart (red), Body (black), and Mind (white). Click on the video below to view a tutorial of how the Medicine Wheel has inspired the LINCDIRE pedagogy.


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We have had at LINCDIRE the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Alan Ojiig Corbiere, Bne doodem (Ruffed Grouse clan), of M’Chigeeng First Nation (Manitoulin Island), between the years 2015 to 2018, and to learn under his guidance about Anishinaabe language and culture. During that time, Alan introduced the concept of the Medicine Wheel and suggested we explore it as a theoretical framework to inform the LINCDIRE/ LITE project. Mr. Corbiere notes that the medicine wheel has been used by many Indigenous scholars to research a variety of issues, including Aboriginal health, Aboriginal child services, and Indigenous education projects, and that it was time to apply it to a second language learning program.

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