Three years ago I took  this photograph in which my hand merges with the many other painted on what’s left of the Berlin Wall.
Thirty years before that, one of the most epic episodes of contemporary history took place. It was 1989.
I wanted my hand to join the colorful ones on the grey wall as a token of thanks, compassion and brotherhood, since those hand symbolised the effort of all those who have fought for democracy and unity.
What happened in 1989 has not only happened in 1989 and those who have fought in 1989, and in the previous years of course,  didn’t fight only for themselves. Their deeds were meant to free the world from oppression and discord but also to remember that freedom and democracy are invaluable goods that need to be constantly protected.

It is 2021, many walls still have to fall.
But my little hand is among the countless, larger, stronger hands that will knock down those walls. My hand is little and soft, but it would be a harder job to topple a wall without it, as without yours.

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