Prepare for an interview

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  • Giada Dallagrassa
    Giada Dallagrassa /

    What software have you used?
    I used the software “wix”; I have never created a blog before and I have never used this software before. At first it was very difficult, but thanks to a short tutorial and some pratice and attemps I was able to use it and, at the end, I really enjoyed this activity!


    Who did you write the blog with?
    I wrote this blog with two of my classmates, Elena and Pietro. It was great because we worked a lot together at school, but also at home. It wasn’t easy, but luckily they were very cooperative and helpful!

  • Michela Aloschi
    Michela Aloschi /

    Why has you decided to create a language blog? Because the principal of our school asked us to promote language courses at our school and in our community. So we thought a blog could be a good idea, where we can create interesting contents to share important information and curiosities to other students.

  • Michele Brignoli
    Michele Brignoli /

    What is the blog about?
    The blog talks about the benefits of the english language , the possible experiences concerned about english like FCE and finally it talks about english artists , singers , football players. The last but not least , in a specific section we wrote something about us.

  • Anna Laura Peracchi
    Anna Laura Peracchi /

    Do you like learning languages?
    I do like learning languages, in fact apart from my mother tongue I speak 4 foreign languages. I strongly believe that learning a language, even if it isn’t an easy task, since it takes a great deal of dedication, hard work and endurance, helps you to discover new places and new cultures.
    Furthermore, it allows you to open your mind and increase your cultural background.
    As the German writer Goethe said “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own”.

  • Giada Corna
    Giada Corna /

    Do you like traveling?
    I like traveling and discovering new countries, places and landscapes.
    In 2019 I went to Dublin for a study trip and I discover a beautiful places like Temple Bar, St Stephens Park, Trinity College… For one day I have visited also Galway, Belfast, Howth, Barcelona, Paris and Marsiglia. In the blog you will find also an article about my amazing journeys!

  • Alessia Pellicioli
    Alessia Pellicioli /

    What was the most challenging part of your blogging journey?
    I believe that the most challenging part was when we had to decide on the contents of our blog. Surfing the net you will find tons of information but only some of these are suitable. On the other hand, the most satisfying moment was when we were finally able to upload our creation!

  • Serena Birolini
    Serena Birolini /

    Which language would you like to promote?
    I’d like to promote the english language. I think it’s a very beautiful language but also fundamental for our future. In fact, if you can speak english you have a lot of advantages, for instance you can have more job opportunities and communicate with people from all over the world.

  • Nicola Algeri
    Nicola Algeri /

    Who did you write the blog for?
    I wrote this blog especially for students in my school, but also for everyone who wants to learn and discover something new about english as a language and as a culture.

  • Daniele Carobbio
    Daniele Carobbio /

    Was it easy or difficult to create a blog? At the beginning it was very difficult because was my first time, but then I learnt how to use it and it became easier

  • Katherine Balderrama
    Katherine Balderrama /

    Do you like discovering new cultures? yes, it’s something that I always like, in fact since I was young, i have been fascinated by new cultures, perhaps because inside me there are two different cultures and traditions, and therefore I can see the differences , and so during my life I have sometimes wondered what other countries are like and what can I learn about them

  • Pietro Coria
    Pietro Coria /

    what was the most challenging moment?
    I think that the most challenging moment was the beginning because it was something new so I didn’t know how to organize myself so only trying several times with my classmates, Elena and Livia I understood how to go forward

  • Valentina Colleoni
    Valentina Colleoni /

    Why have you decided to create a language blog?
    Because the headmistress proposed to open a blog to specifically promote the English language within the school . I think it’s a new and interesting experience.

  • Claudia Barlocco
    Claudia Barlocco /

    What is the blog about?
    This blog speaks about the English language and the experiences that each of us could do with this language. English is a very important language spoken all over the world, so the blog also serves to make it better known and make everyone understand that it will always be useful in life.

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