Healthy habits. Sugar free. Are you sure ?

I’m going to write about lies and truths of healthy habits. Most of people believe to sugar free food and drink such as biscuits, chocolates and so on are good for the health, because you can lose weight if you include them in your diet.

Howevar, reseach in the last years has shown sugar free products are unhealthy because sugar is replaced by sweeteres in them.

Did you know the artificial sweeteners are worse tan raw sugar for your healtth ?

On the contrary we know sugar free products are the best option for diabetics because they can´t take sugar and they should completely cut out it in their diet. Also, if you want lose weight you must avoid it, too.

In conclusión I think we try to cut down on white sugar or refined sugar in our diet. Do you agree ?

Next week we can discuss this issue. Are you ready ?. And I´m going to talk about next healthy or unhealthy habit.

See you soon.


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